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All fishing permits for the 2014 -15 Season have been sold and the application forms have been removed from this web page.

This is the process.

1) Existing members in their renewal pack sent out in early April each year will be eligible to sponsor a potential member.

2) Existing members can also elect to change their membership type, i.e. from 24 hours to dawn til dusk, or from non-fishing to fishing.

3) By the renewal deadline the fishery owner will know how many spare places are available and will then adjust the membership in the following order within the fixed number of permits issued.

- Existing members changing permit type.

- Sponsored members.

- New applications from un-sponsored potential members recieved after the renewal date. (note, some years this is not possible as sponsored members take all the spare places)

Application forms for 2015-16 will be available from Midnight 12th May 2015 downloadable from this web site again. If you are quick, membership could be yours!

For information only the prices for 2014 - 2015 are as follows :-

Non-fishing Permit: - £19.50

Dawn to Dusk Permit: - £150.00

24-Hour Permit: - £300.00

New members must also purchase a gate key for £10.00.

A season ticket runs from 16th June 2014 until 15th June 2015.




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