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  1. The use of keepnets is banned for the retention of Carp, Catfish, Pike, Tench and Bream.
  2. An unhooking mat with is mandatory for all anglers on the complex, this must be large with a retention flap for anglers targeting Pike, Carp and Catfish.
  3. The use of peanuts is not permitted.
  4. Live bait fishing is only permitted with fish caught on site or with trout. No fish to be transferred in either direction across Maxey Cut.
  5. All pike anglers must be in possession of two pairs of forceps, one of which must be at least 10" in length. Pike hooks must be semi-barbless and wire traces must be used at all times with non lure-fishing traces being at least 18 inches in length. Fishing line must be a minimum of 15lbs breaking strain when Pike Fishing and braid with an equivalent diameter to 15lb mono.
  6. All rubbish is to be taken home; any littering will result in an immediate ban without refund of membership.
  7. No lighting of fires and no loud playing of radios.
  8. All anglers must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod License(s).
  9. Up to 4 rods are permitted with the appropriate Rod Licenses.
  10. When more than one rod is used in pike fishing it must be accompanied by an audible bite alarm, to avoid deep hooking of pike.
  11. In the interest of safety and public liability risk, wading and the use of boats is not allowed without prior agreement from the fishery owner.
  12. Bait boats are permitted but they must be used without intruding upon other anglers, nor introducing risk of loss of fish by proximity to snags.
  13. Dogs are allowed on the fishery but must not be allowed to bother other anglers, wildlife or enter the water.
  14. Cars are permitted on site but must be parked with consideration to other anglers and plant life.
  15. All anglers must immediately re-lock the entrance gate with the padlock provided. It is in your interest to ensure that the site is kept secure at all times.
  16. All members are automatically bailiffs and should ensure that all other members abide by these rules and challenge people who are unknown to them, checking their membership.
  17. All members must carry their Membership Card at all times and fish only the lakes permitted.
  18. Members must be available for at least one working party day a year.
  19. Day fishing is permitted from Dawn until Dusk.
  20. Night fishing is only permitted with an appropriate Night Fishing permit.
  21. Swims may not be occupied for more than 7 days by the same angler on all lakes with exception of the New Pit, which may not be occupied for more than 72 hours, with no return for 72 hours.
  22. Anglers should not fish with rods/poles over 13 feet in length within 30 metres of Electricity cables or Pylons.
  23. There is no close season. However a distance of 50 metres should be kept from nesting birds during the spring.
  24. The member ID card must be displayed on the dashboard of any vehicle onsite.
  25. An angler is permitted to leave the site for up to 6 hours and not forfeit their swim, provided their swim is marked with the majority of their tackle e.g. Bivvy, chair. All equipment is left at anglers risk.
  26. Day tickets will not be issued. This fishery is season members only.
  27. There is a strict speed limit of 10 mph on the site.
  28. Swim clearance must be restricted to cutting stems of no more than an inch in thickness without authorisation of the bailiff or fishery owner.
  29. Pike fishing is limited to lure only fishing between 1st April and 30th September.
  30. Members are responsible for guests when on site and should accompany them on and off site. A note should be displayed on guest vehicle dashboards indicating the members name and membership ID.
  31. The good practice guidelines to handling large fish must be adhered to by all members.
  32. The Environment Agency Byelaw that "Any person who leaves a rod and line with bait and hook in the water unattended or so that the person shall be unable at any time exercise sufficient control over said rod and line shall be guilty of an offence" will be enforced on the fishery.
  33. All Anglers should attempt to minimise the disturbance to other anglers with vehicles with specific reference to boot and door slamming and headlights.
  34. There is a baited rod limit on the New Pit of three rods and only disignated swims can be fished from, on this Pit, casting only into designated areas. This creates areas of sanctuary in the pit which bait boats should not be used to circumvent.
  35. Anglers may only fish one lake at a time.
  36. Unapproved direct reference to Bainton Fisheries in publicity material generated by anglers should only refer to the complex as a “Cambridgeshire Gravel Pit”.

Good practice guide to handling large fish


Before fishing, familiarise yourself with the swim and think about how you will be able to cast and play fish without snagging on tress and bushes. If minor trimming of vegetation is required then it's better to do so rather than tangle fishing line in a bush or a tree. If you are planning to night fish, note any parts of the swim that could potentially snag a net or damage a fish in a net.


Once a fish is safely in a lianding net ensure it is at the bottom of the net and not "hung up", check the line and leaders are clear of the fish, paying attention to the gills and fins. Carelessness with this check can result in split fins and dames to gills. Do ensure that any nets with holes are mended to avoid fins becoming trapped in holds. If you do not plan to weigh or photograph the fish, if possible, unhook the fish in the net. To ease moving the fish ionto the bank you may have to cut or unclip the hook length to avoid having mainline and a rod on the bank. A pair of small wire cutters are also handy for cutting away hooks to help removal.


Place the fish on a wet large unkooking mat that will retain the fish to prevent it from struggling. Cover the eyes to calm the fish down. Never rip hooks out, take your time, keep the fish wet, if you have retaining flaps on your unhooking mat, use them and cover the fish's eyes. Cool your hands in the lake water as they will feel hot to a fish, especially when holding for photos.


When moving fish into a wet sling ensure that the fins are always flat to it's body.


Only sack fish for short periods and watch over them in the sack until the fish calms down. Ensure that cords are long enougth to ensure the fish is in deep sheltered water and can be reached for retreival, it is possible to mark the sack or cord with a marker float just in case the cord comes loose and the sack and fish drift off.


Before returning a fish check it over, removing obvious paracites and treat fish if required with small ammounts or oral gel antiseptics. While transferring fish into slings and sacks, put the fish head first into the apparatus, never pull it backwards as this will bend fins. When returning a fish, ensure the fish is kept upright until they recover, become aleart and swim off. Waders, especially chesties are ideal and useful for those returner photo shots.





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